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Gentle revitalisation with CLEAN AND FREE® alcohol withdrawal

Drinking problems are not uncommon and appear in all social classes. Without alcohol withdrawal, the awareness, decision-making ability, and the ability of people to act are impacted in the long or short term. However, classic alcohol withdrawal is coupled with pain and physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Only in a few cases is the withdrawal from alcohol permanent and sufficient for a life free of addiction.*

My treatment approach is based on the fast and gentle revitalisation, which lowers the potential for addiction and can level the path to a life free of alcohol. CLEAN AND FREE® is an alternative method to fight alcohol addiction based on intelligent coaching, which is geared to the demands and life circumstances of each participant. The personalised addiction aid is tailored to the individual client, setting new standards in an empathic and humane way. Addictions, for which a withdrawal from alcohol, drugs, or medications is a path to a self-determined life, are habits that are learned and influenced by the psyche. You can un-train these habits and find a new approach to deal with your problems and difficulties in life.*

“Addiction is a learned habit which can be unlearned quickly!”

(Hans R. Hoffmann naturopath SVNH)

*Disclaimer: Recovery cannot be guaranteed. The results may vary from client to client and are always individual.

Discretion and alternative treatment methods with CLEAN AND FREE® can help.

With CLEAN AND FREE® you do not go through a classic alcohol withdrawal; you instead aim to change your addictive behaviour and habits. The coaching is not based on therapies but rather on the development and change of your personality. In the discrete atmosphere, you can work in small groups and classify your addictive behaviour. Classifying and recognising addiction is the basis for a life free of addiction; this is not a process initiated by us, but by your own will and insights. As alcohol withdrawal is a very personal treatment, discretion in dealing with you and your words is of vital importance.*

“An addiction is not an illness in the sense of a physical or organic illness. Rather it is the consequence of learned experiences and entrenched repeated patterns.”

“Alcoholism is not genetic, as some outdated claims hypothesise.

You are not a victim of your genes because you are the one who can change your environment – or, even more importantly, change your perception of your environment and with that change your response to it.” (Bruce Lipton PHD, The Biology of Belief)

Behavioural patterns develop through influences of the environment and your willpower, your personality, and your ways in dealing with difficulties and challenges. This is where coaching lays the foundation for addiction recovery.*

*Disclaimer: Success can not be guaranteed. Results will always differ, because of the individual aspects of the patients life.

What does a CLEAN AND FREE® treatment achieve?

With will and your wish to recover from addiction, one treament week can be enough and bring you to a new way of thinking.*

Through the coaching, you will learn effective techniques which you can incorporate into your daily routine, helping you distract your thoughts of reaching for the bottle or drugs. Through the continual use of techniques from the CLEAN AND FREE® coaching over a period of 100 days, you will become more secure, self-confident, and convinced in your new ways. The principle of coaching as an alternative to withdrawal from alcohol, drugs, or medicine is based on training new behavioural patterns; forgoing the traditional medical therapy with cold turkey withdrawal and total abstinence. *

My CLEAN AND FREE® coaching letter is a daily reminder to change your habits and offer you motivation for your new lifestyle. Become the creative creator of your own life and focus on changing your personality, it can be your road to an addiction free and self-determined life.

“An addiction is a learned illness – but the learning system works well for an addiction!” (Prof. MD Christian Lüscher)

And learned things can be “un-trained” by assuming a new perspective and overwriting the learned with new “subject matter”. It is scientifically proven that an activity consistently performed for an average of 30 days gains momentum and becomes habit. This applies for behavioural patterns, for feelings, and for dogmas.*

*Disclaimer: Recovery cannot be guaranteed. The results may vary from client to client and are always individual.

Mental training and reprogramming can compensate for learned addictive behaviour.

You leave your CLEAN AND FREE® coaching sessions feeling good with fresh motivation, with a new foundation for your self-determined life. With this new orientation, you will not feel the urge for alcohol or drugs. You will receive our coaching letter for 30 days after the seminar to remind you to continually implement the learned exercise. Additionally, you can request support via Skype for up to 12 months after the coaching. We will not leave you to handle your addiction alone and will help you on the way to forming new personality structures and taking your life into your own hands.*

The gentle drugs, medication, or alcohol withdrawal is only the beginning to a change in personality you will make yourself, through the power of habit and the ability to break the vortex of demand and ritualised addictive behaviour.

We are to date unaware of any complications with or terminations of the CLEAN AND FREE® drug, gentle alcohol, or medicine withdrawal. Mental training strengthens your self-confidence, fosters self-determination, and makes you stronger in conflict situations or situations which would have led you to reach for the bottle or other addictive drugs in the past. The positive effect on your body and mind does not only strengthen you to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, it also provides you with new tools to handle challenges and unusual situations.*

Our coaching is not about leaving a “sober alcoholic”. It has been proven that this alcohol withdrawal is the result of a physical detoxification, without strengthening mental awareness. The same is true for drug and medication withdrawal, where the strengthening of personality is more important than the withdrawal from the addictive substances itself. Get your self-control back and try coaching if you are ready and willing to end your addictive behaviours. Because the most important and crucial factor for the mental training for drug or alcohol withdrawal is your will to break behavioural patterns and to reorient yourself. CLEAN AND FREE® does not see itself as a miracle method but rather as a support on your way to live without constraints outside of the cycle of addiction.*You can start a new life any day and do things differently today – thing that were still an incisive part of your day-to-day life yesterday. This is true for drug and alcohol withdrawal, CLEAN AND FREE® lays the foundation and basis for further development through your will to change your personality.*

“People who understand addiction only as an illness lower the chances of recovery!” prof. MD Marc D. Levis

*Disclaimer: Success can not be guaranteed. Results will always differ, because of the individual aspects of the patients life.

CLEAN AND FREE® to start your new life without compulsions and addictive behaviours!

We can’t snap our fingers to initiate drug or alcohol withdrawal. In our coaching, we provide you with the tools you can carefully apply to reorient your life. You are already taking the first and most important step towards liberation from addiction by registering for drug or alcohol withdrawal. You have admitted to yourself that you have a problem and are suffering from addiction and you have realised that your will to end this addiction is crucial.

In the CLEAN AND FREE® coaching, you learn how to deal with the causes of your addiction. Together, we will find out in which situations you want to reach for alcohol or drugs as an escape.In doing so, we relate to neuro-linguistic programming, NLP for short, and show you how to reset your habits, performing new rituals. You will once again assume individual responsibility and can rely on different behavioural patterns after CLEAN AND FREE® alcohol or drug withdrawal.

Here, the focus is on new goals, which you will explore through neuro-dynamic mental training by Hans R. Hoffmann, steering you towards a successful future. Your addiction is a constraint from the past, if you have the will and the consistency to change your behaviour and want to be involved in a mental reorientation.

“Behind every addiction there is a feeling which drives the behaviour!” (Dr Joe Dispenza)

You don’t need pharmaceutical support if you have the willpower and the wish to change your life. A mentor at your side reinforces your new behaviours, showing you how to redirect the wish for drugs, medicine, or a glass of alcohol towards a different action. Sports and new life activities are possible examples helping you assume more self-responsibility and steer away from old rituals.

CLEAN AND FREE® does not rely on withdrawing from alcohol cold turkey, on a pharmaceutical drug withdrawal, or on a withdrawal from drugs where you are kept away from addictive substances under strict supervision. It must be your wish to live without addiction and to find new possibilities in dealing with conflict, difficulties, and tough challenges.If these preconditions are fulfilled and given that you are ready to change personal behavioural patterns and habits, you can come out of the CLEAN AND FREE® seminar with a new life plan. The following mentoring and support provide you with motivation and security, a contact person and mentor who supports you. Even though there is no guarantee for recovery, CLEAN AND FREE® has proven to be a helpful method for liberation from addiction and mental reorientation.


The liberation from addiction with CLEAN AND FREE® only works if you have discovered your problem and are willing to give up “cherished” habits and make room for new things in your life.

*Disclaimer: Recovery cannot be guaranteed. The results may vary from client to client and are always individual.


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