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Energy over Pharmacy!

Your benefits at a glance:

Fast and effective treatment: Experience significant progress in just 5 days. Ideal for those seeking a quick return to their normal life.

Pain-free withdrawal: Our gentle method enables pain-free withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, without toxic medication.

Holistic therapy approach: Benefit from a combination of modern neuroscience, mental change work, quantum physics and natural TCM treatment methods, including ion detox, CES stimulation and high-frequency acupuncture.

Hans R. Hoffmann Naturarzt & Psychologe
Hochfrequenz Therapy Kokainentzug

With High Frequency Therapy – Fast, safe and discreet to a life free of addiction

These advantages make high-frequency acupuncture a valuable addition to our range of therapies, offering our clients effective and holistic support on their path to freedom from addiction.

Very fast, noticeable effect: High-frequency acupuncture offers an immediate and clearly perceptible effect. In contrast to traditional methods, where the results are sometimes only noticeable after several sessions, our clients experience the positive effects of this innovative treatment almost immediately. This contributes to increased motivation and satisfaction during therapy.

Immediate, lasting revitalisation of the body’s cells: This form of acupuncture acts like recharging batteries at a cellular level. It revitalises and regenerates the body’s cells, which leads to an improved general sense of well-being. This revitalisation is not only immediately noticeable, but also has long-term positive effects on the health and vitality of our clients.

Energy balancing throughout the body: High-frequency acupuncture promotes a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body. By restoring the energetic balance, a variety of complaints can be alleviated and it contributes to physical, emotional and mental balance. This holistic effect helps our clients to lead a more balanced and healthier life.

Our Farmhouse Centre – your sanctuary for health, well-being and addiction recovery

Freshly prepared, healthy dishes

In our kitchen, we attach great importance to freshness and quality. We serve freshly prepared meals every day that are not only delicious, but also healing and nourishing. Our ingredients are locally sourced and carefully selected to provide you with the best and healthiest options.

Irradiated water, vegetables and fruit with Tesla technology for a turbo recovery

Unique to our range is the vegetables and fruit irradiated with Tesla technology. This innovative method uses the principles of Tesla technology to energise the food and enhance its natural healing properties. These specially treated foods are designed to accelerate your body’s natural healing processes and revitalise your cells.

Hexagonal water – the basis of our tasty smoothies

At the heart of our range of drinks are smoothies and herbal drinks made with hexagonal water. This specially structured water, enriched using Tesla technology, is known for its high bioavailability and ability to transport nutrients more efficiently to the body’s cells. Our smoothies, enriched with this life-giving water, are not only a treat for the palate, but also a booster for your health.

DAs NTC Tool zur ultimativen Suchtbefreiung

Fit Line’s NTC (Nutrition Transport Concept) – a key element in our concept of ultimate addiction relief

As part of our ongoing endeavour to provide you with the most advanced and effective treatment methods, we are pleased to add Fit Line’s NTC (Nutrition Transport Concept) to our range of therapies. This innovative nutritional concept is designed to ensure the optimal supply of essential nutrients to your body, which is an essential part of your journey to addiction recovery.

Optimum nutrient supply for your body

Fit Line’s power products are specially formulated to promote efficient absorption and utilisation of minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients. These high-quality supplements help your body recover from the rigours of addiction and contribute to increased vitality and improved health.

Synergy with hexagonal water – a turbo booster for your health

In combination with our hexagonal water, Fit Line’s NTC products unfold their full effect. Hexagonal water, known for its high bioavailability, improves the absorption and distribution of nutrients in the body. This synergy creates a true turbo booster for your health by accelerating cell regeneration and enhancing overall well-being.

An integral part of our holistic treatment

Fit Line’s NTC is more than just a supplement – it’s an integral part of our holistic approach to addiction recovery. By combining cutting-edge nutritional science with our proven therapy methods, we offer you comprehensive support on your road to recovery.

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The 100-day challenge: your path from feeling helpless to becoming a leader

The 100 Day Challenge is a central part of our Ultimate Addiction Recovery Programme.

In these intensive 100 days, we focus on laying the foundations for lasting change and guiding you on your journey from feeling helpless to becoming a self-determined leader.

Mindset change through mental change work

The first step in our challenge is mental change work. We help you to recognise and break through old thought patterns that have led to addiction. Using targeted techniques, we work to change your mindset and establish a new, positive and future-orientated way of thinking.

Future-oriented visualisation work

An essential part of the challenge is future-oriented visualisation work. Here you learn to imagine a life without addiction and to set specific goals for your future. These visualisations strengthen your motivation and your belief in yourself and your ability to lead an addiction-free life.

Eliminating energetic stressors

We recognise that energetic stressors can play a key role in maintaining addictive behaviour. In the Challenge, we therefore work intensively to identify and eliminate these stressors. Through various techniques and therapies, we help you find inner peace and manage stress effectively.

Reinforce the habit of ultimate addiction relief every day

Each day of the 100 Day Challenge is designed to reinforce the habit of ultimate freedom from addiction. Through daily routines, exercises and reflections, you will strengthen your newfound skills and make addiction-free living an integral part of your everyday life.

From helplessness to leader

Our goal is not only to free you from your addiction, but also to empower you to lead a self-determined and fulfilling life. The 100 Day Challenge is your guide to moving from a feeling of helplessness to a life as the leader of your own existence.

Die 100 Tage Challenge zur ultimativen Suchtbefreiung

30 Jahre Forschung und Entwicklung in moderne  Behandlungsmethoden!

30 years of research – development – practical application of CLEAN AND FREE THERAPY®

CLEAN AND FREE THERAPY® is celebrating its 30th anniversary as a revolutionary method in the treatment of addiction and dependency.

Over three decades, I have continuously refined and adapted the CLEAN AND FREE THERAPY® to meet the diverse needs of my clients.

Inspired by leading experts such as Dr Richard Bandler, Dr Frank Farrelly, Dr Mary Staggs, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Gerald Hüther, Dr Ulrich Warnke, Dr Masau Emoto, Dr Meg Patterson, Volker Knehr, Stefan Zander HP, I have always been able to learn new things and incorporate them into my work.

Over the last 30 years, I have successfully treated countless people with CLEAN AND FREE THERAPY®. My philosophy that addiction is not a disease, but a learned helplessness, has helped many people to overcome their addiction and lead a new, self-determined and addiction-free life.

Hans Hoffmann


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