FINALLY: A form of treatment with which you can cope with your alcohol problem in a short time, without painful withdrawal symptoms…guaranteed!

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  • Exclusive treatment center for alternative addiction treatment

    We specialize in gentle alcohol and drug withdrawal.
    Benefit from our many years of experience in ultimate addiction relief.
    The treatment is based on the latest scientific findings and is carried out at the highest level.


Private treatment centre for the gentle ONE to ONE withdrawal of alcohol and drugs

We are completely different from conventional clinics. We only treat one client at a time during our treatment weeks – with absolute discretion, in a cosy Gozitan farmhouse.

The term addiction treatment centre has a very special meaning for us.

Please plan your week of treatment on a long-term basis so that we can guarantee you an appointment. Usually we have a waiting period of 30 to 90 days.

We work according to the latest findings in neuroscience, epigenetics, biochemistry and quantum physics.

It goes without saying that we meet the highest standards of privacy and data protection.

Exclusive service in the farmhouse

In our lovingly restored farmhouse you will find the relaxed setting for the important work on your personality and addiction patterns. Together we take meditative walks to clear your mind and enjoy nature and the healthy ionizing sea air.

Every day, our chef will provide you with exquisite delicacies that are tailored to your detoxification and well-being.

Intensive and individual service

CLEAN AND FREE® the gentle liberation from addiction, without lifelong abstinence!

Our clients receive a science-based individual therapy and coaching of eight hours a day. The efficiency and sustainability of our alternative medical treatment is unsurpassed so far and is rounded off by a 100-day distance coaching to implement the new MindSet.

Live an addiction-free and happy life

The innovative treatment concept CLEAN AND FREE® frees you from your addictive behaviour. You regain your self-control and self-confidence and can enjoy life again without any worries.

We do not work according to the existing paradigms: alcoholism and lifelong abstinence!

Over 4000 successful treatments since 1995 confirm our treatment concept.

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The history of CLEAN AND FREE®

Hans R. Hoffmann founded his first treatment centre Terapia Collettva in Brissago Switzerland in 1995 as a naturopath and NLP Master. He works closely with the Swiss judicial authorities and the Swiss social services. The reason for founding Terapia Collettiva was extremely personal – Hoffmann had a childhood friend with whom he played tennis tournaments and who had been driven to his death by heroin. Unfortunately, this friend could not find any help in Germany. This is how Hans R. Hoffmann developed his will to offer respectful and competent help to people with addiction problems. The then long-term therapy of two years was very long and led in most institutions to therapy aborts. Hans R. Hoffmann was of the opinion that his clients had suffered long enough and lost a great deal of their lives. He gradually developed a shorter form of therapy that was much more effective than conventional long-term therapy. Step by step the therapy time was reduced to six months, in the second step to three months, later to one month. Thanks to the intensive relapse research that Hans R. Hoffmann carried out, it dealt with modern brain research, neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics. His mentors kept giving him new input and encouraging him to believe that addiction is not a disease.

We are aware that every client is unique and that a successful treatment approach also requires a personal therapy concept. According to the latest scientific findings, we have developed a treatment concept that is unique worldwide in its effectiveness and sustainability. Since the existence of CLEAN AND FREE® more than 4000 patients have been successfully freed from alcohol or drug addiction.

We do not see “addiction” as a disease, but as a habit that is completely out of control. Also, abstinence from alcohol is not our therapeutic goal but a 100% self-control and a new self-confidence of the affected person. Our success rate, which has been stable for years, confirms this treatment approach.

After many years of group therapy in Switzerland, Italy and later in Germany, since 2014 we have specialised in the exclusive treatment of individuals to make the CLEAN AND FREE® treatment concept even more effective.

Mission and vision of the Hoffmann Centre

Our mission and vocation is the satisfaction of our clients. We want to free them gently and sustainably from the addictions and problems they suffer from. We achieve our goal because we can treat each client individually and with great respect, and because we can respond to their personal problems. Each client gets his individual treatment plan in order to guarantee a gentle and fast, and also permanent addiction liberation.

CLEAN AND FREE® is a science-based, holistic, bio-chemical and bio-energetic short-term treatment concept for substance-related addictions such as alcohol, drugs or medication. It works on the physical level without the release of toxic drugs.

It causes a gentle and intensive detoxification on the physical level and releases new life energy. Biochemically, the body is revitalized and rebuilt with natural means. Our main focus is on the general cell regulation in the body and also in the mind. On the mental level, this treatment concept brings about a new clarity of being and also ensures a new mental and spiritual development.

The treatment protocol consists of 7 or 10 days of intensive individual treatment focusing on gentle, rapid physical detoxification, regeneration and mental realignment. Effective coaching to implement the new patterns of thought and behaviour! After the intensive treatment in Malta, a 100 day coaching program follows at a distance, which includes an implementation of all important aspects for an addiction-free life in everyday life. When all these science-based tools are implemented into the daily personal routine, the ultimate addiction freeing is almost 100% guaranteed.

Side effects:

A new enlightened state of being that causes many undreamt-of life aspects. Can cause unimagined feelings of happiness. Brings control over one’s own thoughts and emotions that lead to success and abundance in life. Achieves a healthy body and free mind. Brings back a functioning pineal gland. You get epigenetic control, and chronic health.

Disclaimer: A cure cannot be promised. Results can vary from client to client and are always individual.


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